Getting to your holiday accommodation

There are various ways to arrive at your holiday accommodation. There is an International Airport at Carcassonne with flights direct to it from many places , for example from Glasgow, Dublin, London Stansted.

The vacation rental is about 7 hours drive from Paris. There are trains to and from Paris. If you are in Europe for more than 2 – 3 weeks it might be better to lease a car, rather than hire.

When you choose a car, remember that the French generally drive tiny cars. There are several reasons for this; narrow medieval streets to negotiate, very small parking places and the high cost of fuel. Choose a diesel if you can as diesel is very much cheaper in France. Automatic cars are more difficult to hire in France, also. For the above reasons it is not always a good idea to accept a free upgrade, which you will be invariably offered.

If you want to lease a new car (not the same as hire), you must do this from your country of departure as this is usually not possible from within Europe.